Supports During Covid-19

During this time we are extremely lucky to be able to continue to support our individuals. Although our days now look a little different we continue to do everything we can to 'enhance' and 'make a difference' in the lives of each and every individual we support.

here are some of the things we are doing

Tuesday Bingo

Join us Tuesday afternoon at 1pm for zoom bingo! All you need is some bingo sheets printed from online and something to mark your numbers!

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Bingo Winners for 10/13
Regular Bingo: Matt
Blackout: Martha, Robbie, Matt
T- Robbie

Wednesday Music

What are you doing Wednesday afternoon? Join KNC at 1pm for an all you can request zoom music group! Nothing special needed, just your clapping hands, stomping feet and singing voice.

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Thursday Men's Group

Thursdays are for the men. Come check out our Men's group Thursday mornings at 10:30!

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Let's Play Music

Music, music and more music! Thursday at 1pm join a zoom music group led by a wonderful member of the Let's Play Music team.

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The Adventures of Flat Kimi

Many of you may know of 'Flat Stanley' and his adventures around the world. Here at KNC we have Flat KIMI, who loves to travel and go on adventures with the members of the KNC community. Click here to see some of the fun things Flat KIMI has been up to.


Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt

Click here to see the travels of KNC individuals as they find scarecrows in local towns!

Upcoming fall projects and activities include:

  • Halloween Fairy House/Fall Fun Space at KNC      Now-October 23rd
  • Halloween Brunch/ Parade- October 30th at 1pm

Things still to come: Zoom inspiration movement group, zoom book club , and zoom socialization group

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We are a Non-Profit Organization specializing in the care of handicapped adults. We support adult individuals with developmental disabilities by offering community support, nursing, physical therapy and speech therapy services.

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