The Adventures of Flat Kimi


Flat Kimi loves to travel and is going on adventures and doing things within the KNC community. Keep reading to find out what fun things Flat Kimi has been able to do so far!

Flat Kimi's first day was spent at the office. Flat kimi saw how much the office has changed over the past few months and cannot wait to see the finished product!

After the day at the office, Flat Kimi went to one of our residential houses, Kacie Lane. At Kacie Flat Kimi was able to listen to book club, play some games and listen to LOTS of music

Flat Kimi's next adventure was to Woodlock Park in Atkinson, NH! Flat Kimi and Kacie Lane met up with a peer and sang lots of songs, went on a walk and enjoyed each other's company.

Flat Kimi went to KNC to celebrate the July Birthdays at Karen's Birthday Brunch! Everyone was there and socially distanced! Flat Kimi got to hear what everyone (even people without July birthdays) wanted for their birthday while Karen played a memory game with everyone.

Flat Kimi spent the entire weekend celebrating a 60th birthday! Some of the highlights of the weekend were putting together puzzles and talking about the newest member of the house, George (the fish).

Flat Kimi was able to go to work at Wild Birds Unlimited in Plaistow, NH with a member of the KNC community! They filled bird feeders and played with the meal worms, they even put some inside the note book for other people to see!

Flat Kimi went to Field of Dreams with for a nature walk with one of our residential houses. They collected pine cones and each picked out (giant) walking sticks! That evening Flat Kimi joined them back at their house for a BBQ and karaoke in the backyard!

Flat Kimi spent a few days with the guys who live in Plaistow. There Flat Kimi colored with one of KNC's art enthusiast as well as listened to the Beatles, a KNC favorite. 

Flat Kimi was very lucky and made cookies with some of the best Chefs at KNC at Brady. It was reported by the taste testers that the oatmeal cookies were delicious!

All work and no play for Flat Kimi, just kidding! Flat Kimi did go to work delivering Dr. Mikes mail, but then went to Bullmoose to pick out CD's and stickers!

Friday with Flat Kimi! This Friday Flat Kimi got to zoom with Karen and participate in KNC's summer "grow off". After zoom with Karen, Flat Kimi was treated to a chicken nugget and coke lunch at Mcdonalds. 

Flat Kimi sure gets a lot of exercise with the KNC community. Flat Kimi went on a walk with Crescent Street near the office in the morning. Later that afternoon they all participated in music class where they enjoyed Queen and the Beatles!

Flat Kimi went back to the office for a day with Kathy. Flat Kimi joined Kathy for a coffee date with Ansel Street and heard all about their trip to Jurassic Quest to see the dinosaurs!

Flat Kimi is embracing the great fall weather and started the season Apple Picking! A beautiful Saturday was spent at Applecrest Farm apple and pumpkin picking and checking out all of the awesome fall decorations.